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Chirons Passage

The Kula-Expedition and the beginning of the Kula-Ring . A social sculpture in stages . The Burial of the tomahawk ,and peace on earth. Art and peace project across the borders.

Brothers and sisters, canoeing the mainstream - Danube ,

Flowing - World - Energy -River with our magical - ritual masawa canoes

to dive down to an ancient form of pilgrimage , meeting tribes and their people. Chirons Passage is a social sculpture of the shaman. A three week journey started in Budapest.

YouTube - Chirons Überfahrt / Chirons Passage

Full of landart,adventure and ritual work. The burial of the tomahawk, in Serbias capital Beograd was the final performance.

An important aspect of our journey,was trying to heal the water of the river, by homeopathic ways and Bachblüten .

The project: Chirons Passage

in Sense of, Current World Flow World Power River

Developing a social sculpture flowing through the social structure. Rooted in myths, rituals and traditions of the ancient tribes, we are working on their connection,with modern, contemporary art. In context to Joseph Beuys

. "2 Division Cross Red

performances meetings and

Rituals. Sonnenbarke Sunskift Canoe

Enviroments made out driftwood floatsam and jetsam





The construction , launching and sailing of this boats is deeply embedded with a certain magic.

YouTube - "Chirons Überfahrt / Chirons Passage ,2"

What is Kula-Ring ? What ́s the Kula-Ring ?

The Kula-Ring

In Melanesia there was a unique ritual tradesystem, which is known as the Kularing.

This system connects different tribes and islandcultures. The scientist Bronsilaw Malinowski explored and studied this traditions.

Kula - Objects

Kula - Objects are important statussymbols . A successful kula partner gains more political importance.

Kula -Rules

The object should stay shortly in the possession of one person. And according to rules it circulates in specific directions. The longer a certain Kula - Object orbits , the more precious it becomes.

for the Kula - expedition you have to use painted, richly decorated, seaworthy canoes. The so-called Masawa.

Chiron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He spied the territory and envisioned ancient legends embedded in the dreams of the land

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