Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Landartproject "Ash House / Eschenhaus   

Social Sculpture and Parable.
Place of Power,Center of the World.
Now we tie the Network.
South of Söllhuben near Rosenheim,Bavaria ash trees grow in form of a Dome.
A Landartprojekt, created from over 250 living trees.
The diameter is 1 / millionth of Earth's diameter. In each of the four cardinal directions, there is a "gateway".
At the south gate are two juniper trees.
In the center lives a ginko tree.
The project is designed for many years, because  the average life span of an ash tree is 300 years.
Parable and social sculpture.
Just as the trees over the years and the ongoing work ,grow towards a common organism -
also this work will only get  form and shape,when many people  link together to a network. and give reality to an idea to a Vision. 
The ashes are formed over the years to a living dome.
This is
the work of 2012.
To establish the Network.
As the trees grow directly to the light,we have to tie them with ropes ,so we can easily create the dome.
For this, professionals (arborists), lift, rope and other material is needed.
In addition, the knotting of the network  will be a ,public performance.
therefore this is not only a work of art, it also is a work of nature. A work of nature which  Across the generations brings people together.
A living center of the world.
A centre  Which gives the organisms tree the deserving significance.
A centre of the world that places the tree in the centre of the human society-- quasi  their dwelling.
All supporters will be invited  to "MAKE THE NETWORK".

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